Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

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Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

On the night of August 21st 1955, Several members of the Sutton family burst into the police station in a panic. They told officers that they had been victims of an hours ...

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, Sutton Family

On the night of August 21st 1955,

Several members of the Sutton family burst into the police station in a panic. They told officers that they had been victims of an hours long siege on their family farm by otherworldly creatures. 

The Suttons lived in their small unpainted, three bedroom house with no running water, TV or telephone. At around 7pm, a family friend by the name of Billy Ray Taylor, was out getting water from the well when he claimed that he saw a silvery object, “real bright, with an exhaust all the colors of the rainbow.” When he told his story to the other members of the house, they laughed it off as a joke. 

Just about about an hour later, alerted by the dogs barking, Billy Ray and Lucky Sutton went to investigate. Peering out the back door, they saw, illuminated by a strange glow, a small humanoid creature standing about three and a half feet tall. The creature was reported to have a large, almost perfectly round head with large talon like hands and eyes that seemed to glow with a yellowish light. Its body seemed to give off a strange shimmer, almost as if it was made of a silver metal. 

The two men immediately opened fire on the strange being with a 20 gauge shotgun and a .22 rifle. The creature held its hands up as one does at gunpoint and scrambled backwards into the darkness uninjured, with a flip. Shortly after this, another similar creature was spotted at the side window. The men opened fire again with the same result.

Taylor stepped out of the house to investigate further.

As he was standing under an overhanging roof, family members reported seeing a talon like hand reach down and touch his hair. Taylor was pulled back into the house by the others while Lucky Sutton opened fire on another creature spotted by a nearby tree.

The group huddled inside their house for several hours. During this time they heard scratching on the roof of the house. At 11pm they made a break for it and ran into town to the police station. 

The local police chief called for backup and was joined by state and military police as well as a photographer from the local paper. Upon investigation however, they were only able to recover casings and shells from the scene. No other evidence was discovered. Nor could they find any signs of heavy drinking as Glennie, the Sutton matriarch, stated that alcohol was not allowed at the farm house. Mrs. Sutton was a religious woman who claimed that the creatures were sent from the devil himself. 

Neighbors of the Suttons confirmed that they had seen lights in the woods behind the farm house and had heard gunshots. They had assumed however, that they had been searching for a pig that may have gone missing and were dealing with a bobcat. 

The family was questioned by the authorities and each gave the exact same story.

Each member of the family described the creatures as standing between three to four feet tall with muscular upper bodies and atrophied legs, along with large glowing eyes and pointed ears. With nothing to go on and no need to stay on the scene, officers left the farm. 

Soon after, at around 3am, Glennie awoke from a nap and spotted one of the strange creatures peering into her bedroom window. After that, Lucky and Billy Ray spent the rest of the night keeping guard with their guns at their side. According to the family, the creatures left shortly before day break.

In the days that followed news papers and radio stations reported on the incident as curiosity seekers began to flock to the farm house. The family started to become harassed by the investigators, both private and public. In the end, the Suttons decided upon selling the land and moving away from the area.

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, Sutton Family

 The leading and almost sole theory behind this case is that, despite Glennie Suttons claims, members of the family were drunk had had mistaken several Great Horned Owls as extraterrestrial invaders. Great Horned owls can stand at around three foot tall, have large eyes and are very protective of their nests, lending some explanation as to why they were attacking the family. 

However, if it wasn’t owls, what than, attacked the Sutton Family that night in 1955.

If you want to know more about the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, we have an episode of Get Spooky where we cover the event. Take a listen wherever good podcasts are found.


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