Dr. No and From Russia With Love are…

Bond, James Bond. Specifically Dr. No and From Russia with love. How do they hold up? We discuss them, having never seen them prior.

Our thoughts

These movies are great. Obviously they are a product of their time but once you move past certain dated elements, they are tons of fun to watch. Sean Connery brings a natural charm to the role that sets the standard for which all subsequent James Bond actors are held. What’s more, is that in a way, these first two movies, Dr. No in particular set the standard for what a Bond film should be:

•Bond girls
•Villein with a deformity
•Secret lair
•Felix Goddamn Leiter

The action in Dr. No is about on par with movies from the era. There is a lot of James Bond holding a drink and sidling up to a bar while the James Bond theme plays dramatically. There is a HUGE improvement in the fight choreography when you move to From Russia with Love. The action is more fast pace and the story is full of classic twists and turns.

Overall, if you get the opportunity to watch these pieces of cinematic history, they are definitely worth it. Make sure you remind yourself that they were set in the 1960s and are products of the era and you will have a great time.