The Mysterious Man From Taured
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The Mysterious Man From Taured

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The Mysterious Man From Taured

The year was 1954. Tokyo's Haneda Airport is going about its regular hustle and bustle. Among these travelers is the man who would become know as The Man From Taured.

A man from a country that does not exist

The man from Taured

The year was 1954. Tokyo’s Haneda Airport is going about its regular hustle and bustle. Among these travelers is the man who would become know as The Man From Taured. He is described as a smartly dressed business man and would not have otherwise earned a second look from anyone. While going though the motions at border control however things begin to take a turn for the weird.

The man was asked why he was traveling. He said that it was just another business trip, one of many he had taken this year. He was described as being Caucasian and his primary language was reported to be French. In his luggage he had several different types of European currency, seemingly confirming his statement of frequent business related travel.

Up until this point, nothing The Man from Taured said could not be verified

the man from taured

However, when asked by airport officials what his country of origin was, without hesitating the man responded with ‘Taured’. According to the mystery man, Taured was on the boarder between France and Spain. Airport officials were, understandably, baffled by his response as no such country has ever existed. When the man pointed on a map to the location that Taured should have been, upon realizing that the country was not there, he reportedly became confused and agitated.

The Man from Taured then presented his passport to officials. The passport was indeed issued in Taured. In addition to this, the passport also had corresponding stamps for his travels to Japan and other European countries.

the man from taured
the man from taured

Further digging into the man’s past proved only to deepen the mystery. Upon encouragement by the man, airport officials called the company he claimed to work for. The company had never heard of him, and the hotel he was meant to stay at had no reservation for him either. Furthermore, the bank found on the man’s checkbook did not exist at all. Confused and fearing a scam or worse, officials detained The Man From Taured while they figured out the next best course of action.

However, the mystery unfortuanly comes to an abrupt end here. For when officials returned with the authorities, they discovered that the room, which was located several stories up and had no windows, was empty.

Who was The Man From Taured?

At the end of the day, we will likely never know who this man was. Some theories point towards the man being a resident of a parallel dimension who took off from a flight in his world and landed in ours. Along the same lines as an inter dimensional traveler, some people say that The Man From Taured was actually a time traveler from some point in the future. Of course there is also the chance that parts of this story or even the entire mystery itself, is a fabrication. Skeptics point to the lack of any hard evidence; pictures, documentation, anything that would point to the man having actually been in the airport. We will likely never know what actually happened that day at the Haneda Airport but the tale of The Man From Taured will live on.

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The Man From Taured

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