Marvel Studios Announces ‘The Mutants’

Marvel Studios Announces ‘The Mutants’

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Marvel Studios Announces ‘The Mutants’

The M-Men are coming to the MCU. Kevin Feige is producing a Marvel Studios led film entitled 'The Mutants'.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get much, much bigger. Not only does Phase Four have the promise of The Multiverse and Fantastic 4 but twenty seven years and thirteen films later, the X-Men are finally back home at Marvel. Currently the only officially announced mutant-related film scheduled for Phase Four is ‘Deadpool 3’. It is unclear whether ‘The Mutants’ will be part of this current phase or simply something that is planned for the future.

The X-Men are coming to the MCU

The Mutants

From sources at Theilluminerdi, Kevin Feige is producing a Marvel Studios led film entitled ‘The Mutants’. Absolutely no other details are available at this time but this news alone is huge.

Recently, the Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Endgame, have confirmed that they are working on a secret Marvel project. The brothers brothers are long time fans of the X-men comics and have mentioned how much they would want to bring the mutants into the MCU.

Now it looks like they will get their chance.

Kevin Feige has only mentioned the X-men a handful of times since the Fox merger. The X-men’s arrival into the MCU has been something that was always speculated but nothing was ever confirmed until now. We can’t wait to bring you more information on ‘The Mutants’ as it becomes available.

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The Mutants

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