Movies That Deserve the Sequels They Never Received

Movies That Deserve the Sequels They Never Received

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Movies That Deserve the Sequels They Never Received

Every once in a blue moon a movie manages to craft a universe worth a revisit. Sadly, most of those films never get a sequel for you to enjoy. Instead, we are forced to endure 5+ T ...

We live in an unjust world of sequels

Every once in a blue moon a movie manages to craft a universe worth a revisit. Sadly, most of those films never get a sequel for you to enjoy. Instead, we are forced to endure 5+ Transformers movies. Rather than get hung up on what sequels we do have, here is a quick list on the ones we actually want.

Galaxy Quest


This is a tough one for several reasons. Dean Parisot’s ‘Galaxy Quest was a flash in the pan. It is pure sci-fi and comedy gold. So much so that hard core Trekkies fans actually consider this to be the best ‘Star Trek’ film. Obviously, A Galaxy Quest sequel would be missing the late Alan Rickman and the dry British wit he brought to the first film. However there is still a lot of great material within the first one to expand upon. A sequel film could even explore the Hollywood troupe of reboots and remakes.

Another idea would be to expand the universe that ‘Galaxy Quest’ is set in. How many other alien races exist that consider Earth TV to be actual documentaries. This would have been an amazing idea to explore for the ‘Power Rangers’ movie. If something like this was done well, it could lead to a brand new cinematic universe. Although if there is one glimmer of hope to seeing a ‘Galaxy Quest’ sequel, we did have ‘Bill and Ted: Face the Music’ this year which was also directed by Parisot. Perhaps he is the director we need to revisit beloved franchises.

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E


Guy Richies ultra cool 1960’s spy film may not have been received well in its time but ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E’ is every bit as suave and fun as it sets out to be. Henry Cavil absolutely shines in the movie and is clearly having a fun time in the roll. As does a pre-canniblist Armie Hammer. The set pieces and costumes are fantastic and the banter between Cavil and Armie Hammer is on point. Of course in light of recent news regarding Armie Hammer, it is highly unlikely that we will ever see a sequel to this movie.

A sequel project has always been in talks but has been slowly losing steam over the years. While Guy Richie seems keen on returning to the U.N.C.L.E-verse, this is not something we are holding our breath for.

Jumper Sequel

We may catch some flack by saying this but, ‘Jumper’ was a fine film. By no stretch did it redefine the superhero genre or pioneered amazing special effects but what it manages to do, it does very well. The human drama is actually quite good and gets overlooked on the first watch. Hayden Christensen puts in a solid performance as a teenager who discovers that he has an unbelievable gift. There are enough story elements to write a seriously cool exploration of where these characters end up thirteen years later. If you happen to catch ‘Jumper’ on TV or see it on a streaming service, give it a rewatch and see what we mean.

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Mystery Men


There are films that are ahead of their time and then there is ‘Mystery Men’. Based on the Dark Horse/Image comics, ‘Flaming Carrot’, ‘Mystery Men’ was horribly under rated when it came out. The movie is a send-up of comic books well before comic books became mainstream. If this film had been released today, it would absolutely kill in the box office.

Thats without even mentioning the amazing cast. Ben Stiller and Hank Azaria give hilarious performances as Mr. Furious and The Blue Raja. Supporting cast members are incredible as well including Janeane Garofalo as The Bowler, William H. Macy as The Shoveler and even Tom Waits as Doc Heller, a mad scientist who specializes in non-lethal weapons.

With the movies theaters saturated with superhero movies from both Marvel and DC as well as now smaller publishing companies, there might be hope for a ‘Mystery Men’ sequel after all.

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Direct Stargate Sequel


Before Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin grew comfortable destroying cities across the globe, they directed and produced ‘Stargate’. While the film did spawn multiple TV shows along the way, we have never gotten a true theatrical sequel. When you take into account how expansive the Stargate universe is and how much material there would be for a sequel, the fact we never got one is baffling.

At one point there were plans to reboot the franchise in 2016 but those plans have since stalled. It would make much more sense to simply return to the existing universe and bring Kurt Russell and James Spader back. Both actors have seen a career renaissance as of late and fans of the series would love to have them back at Stargate Command.

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