The Disappearance of Todd Sees in the Woods of Pennsylvania

The Disappearance of Todd Sees in the Woods of Pennsylvania

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The Disappearance of Todd Sees in the Woods of Pennsylvania

Todd Sees took off on his ATV just before dawn to go deer spotting. He told his wife he would be back by noon but never returned.

Avid hunter, outdoorsman, father and husband Todd Sees wakes up just before dawn to go deer spotting. He heads off to Montour Ridge which is just behind his home in Point Township, Pennsylvania. Sees leaves his house at 5am and tells his wife that he will be home by noon before taking off on his ATV.

After failing to return home by the appointed time, Sees wife begins to grow concerned and alerts the authorities. Shortly thereafter, one of the sons spots Todd’s abandoned ATV on its side two miles away from the house.

Todd Sees

Over two hundred volunteers and rescue personnel combed the wooded area, looking for Todd Sees.

By 3pm a search party had been formed in an attempt to find Todd Sees. There were no footprints leading away from the ATV and tracking dogs were unable to pick up any scent from the site. Divers were brought in to search a nearby pond, while others searched the surrounding six miles for any sign of the missing person. The only trace of Todd Sees that could be found was his boot; seventy five feet in the air, at the top of a tree.

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After two days of searching, someone spots a patch of white in the woods near the previously searched pond.

Todd Sees

Rescue volunteers begin to hurriedly clear away the brush, when they come upon a grizzly sight; the body of Todd Sees. He is described as being incredibly emaciated and pale. His clothes, except for his boxers are missing and he has a look of terror frozen on his face. To make matters more strange, no family members were called to identify the body. Adding to this, the body of Todd Sees was removed from the site without a coroner present; contrary to Pennsylvania law.

Northumberland County coroner James Kelly immediately began an autopsy on Todd Sees. However, there were no signs of external or internal trauma of any kind and the autopsy turned up inconclusive. Kelly returned the remains to his family in a sealed casket which he strongly encouraged the family not to open. Todd Sees is buried and his family begins to move forward to pick up the pieces. A toxicology report, released months later, suggests “cocaine toxicity” as the probable cause of the death. Shortly thereafter, police close the investigation.

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What happened to Todd Sees?

Oddly enough, news and media coverage around the incident and investigation was rather scarce. Given the strange circumstances however, the case gained the attention of many paranormal researchers. Despite resistance from local law enforcement, controversial ufologist Peter Davenport produced a few more alleged pieces of information. For example, he claimed that there were reports of a number FBI officials who descended onto the scene. These officials allegedly began to instruct locals not to speak to the press. Additionally, at 5:30am on the morning Todd Sees went missing, two fishermen on the nearby Susquehanna River reported seeing a disk shaped UFO in the sky. At the end of the day, we are no closer to understanding what or who killed Todd Sees. Even if you discount the UFO and paranormal angle, there are still too many unknowns surrounding the incident.

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    Pretty strange story. The boot in the tree is the craziest part.
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