The Oakville Blobs: Those Two Weeks Where It Rained Blobs

The Oakville Blobs: Those Two Weeks Where It Rained Blobs

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The Oakville Blobs: Those Two Weeks Where It Rained Blobs

The city of Oakville woke up to find that their yards were covered in countless clear blobs about the size of half a grain of rice.

The Oakville Blobs

A strange thing happened in the city of Oakville. In August of 1994, a resident called in to report that her mother was exhibiting flue like symptoms. However, what was reported as the cause for the symptoms proved stranger than anyone could imagine. The Oakville resident woke up to find that her yard was covered in countless, tiny blobs. Each one was about the size of half a grain of rice and completely translucent. 

Across town, Officer David Lacey was on patrol with a civilian friend when they encounter a similar phenomenon. Tiny translucent blobs began to rain onto the ground and onto their car. 

“We turned our windshield wipers on and it just started smearing to the point where we could almost not see. And we both looked at each other and we said, ‘Jeez, this isn’t right.’ I mean, we’re out in the middle of nowhere, basically, and where did this come from?” Officer David Lacey on the “Blob Shower”

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Over the next few weeks, another six “blob showers” were reported. Of these cases, multiple people fell ill as a result of contact. 

Samples of the blobs were obtained by state and federal Health Departments. Upon investigation, one study revealed the presence of white blood cells. Despite this however, further investigations revealed that the cells were without nuclei. Although countless studies were undertaken to determine the origin of the blobs, no conclusion was ever reached. 

Speculation over the mysterious “blob shower” began immediately. One of the more popular theories suggests that the blobs were the result of a near by bombings. The U.S military had reportedly been conducting bombing runs 50 miles off the coast of Washington state, near Oakville. Following this, countless jellyfish became airborne and ended up dispersed into rain clouds. Although the Air Force was able to confirmed the activity off the coast, they denied any knowledge as to the cause of the blobs. 

The Oakville Blobs

A similar theory to the Kentucky Meat Rain was also put forward. There is a phenomenon that is often referred to as “Star Jelly”. This strange gelatinous substance is often associated with UFO’s and other paranormal incidents. In reality however, “Star Jelly” is actually a colony of micro-organisms known as nostoc. As a result, nostoc is often reported as the source of the Oakville blobs as well. 

At the end of the day, we may never know what exactly happened the day it rained blobs in Oakville. The samples collected have gone missing, and no conclusive result was ever reached during the extensive investigation. However if you are ever around Oakville be sure to try “The Jellyfish” at one of the local bars.

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