Three Great Moments In Otherwise Terrible Marvel Movies

Three Great Moments In Otherwise Terrible Marvel Movies

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Three Great Moments In Otherwise Terrible Marvel Movies

One good scene make a movie easier to get through. Here is a list of three of the best moments from otherwise bad films.

Comic book movies have come a long way in terms of quality. Back before the MCU was a thing and years before #releasetheSnyderCut became a thing, comic book movies were a mixed bag. ‘X-Men’ and ‘Spider-Man’ were diamonds in the rough that required digging though a lot of crap to find. However and while these movies most of these movies are pretty terrible, they are not without some redeeming moments. 

‘Spider-Man 3’: Sandman’s birth 

The Sam Rami trilogy of Spider-Man movies was a huge accomplishment for comic book movies. It brought a sense of scale and class to a superhero film that Hollywood had been missing since Christopher Reeve played Superman. However, all the good will ‘Spider-Man 2’ had earned was almost flushed away by its follow up. ‘Spider-Man 3’ suffers from trying to do WAY to many things in one movie. Although there are great characters in the movie the story is far too bloated to be enjoyable. Plus, Peter Parker hits MJ in the movie, let’s not forget. 

However, the one thing everyone can agree is, how fantastic Thomas Haden Church was as Sandman. Not only does he look the part, he acts the hell out of the role. The scene where he is transformed into the Sandman is spectacular. Not only is the CGI outstanding, the emotion that you feel in that moment holds ‘Spider-Man 3’ higher. Interestingly, Sandman is the only one of Spider-Man’s villains to survive the trilogy. Although it will be great to see Alfred Molina back as Doc Ock, seeing Sandman return would have also been incredible. 

‘Ghost Rider’: Johnny Blaze rides with Carter Slade

It’s hard to believe that 2007’s ‘Ghost Rider’ came out just one short year before ‘Iron Man’ kicked off the MCU. Although the movies were released so close together, it feels as though they were made a decade apart. There are so many out dated elements in ‘Ghost Rider’ that carried over from the early 2000s comic book movies that were quickly phased out after 2008. Although this movie is not TERRIBLE, it’s certainly no ones favorite Marvel movie.

However, in the third act of ‘Ghost Rider’ as the final battle with Blackheart approaches, Johnny Blaze enlists the help of the previous Ghost Rider, Carter Slade. In the movie, Slade is an aging Texas ranger, caretaker of a graveyard and fellow Ghost Rider. Additionally, he also happens to be played by none other than Sam Elliot. Elliot brings his trademark, atmospheric levels of “cool” to the role and you just can’t help but love the scenes that he is in. When Slade transforms into the Ghost Rider and he and Johnny Blaze ride off to the song “Ghost Riders in the Sky” fans forget all about the sour parts of the movie and get lost in the moment. 

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‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’: The opening montage

‘X-Men Origins’ is a terrible film. For every good moment in this movie there are at least three moments that make fans cringe. From the terrible CGI to the in-name-only appearance of Deadpool, this movie is bad. However, in the very beginning of the film the audience is treated to a montage of Logan and Sabertooth fighting their way though various wars.

From the revolutionary war, to storming the beaches at Normandy and finally culminating with Sabertooth going off the rails in Vietnam, the entire montage is framed perfectly. It sets the bar dangerously high for what will quickly devolve into the worst movie in the X-Men franchise. 

One good scene can completely turn around a movie, or at least make it easier to sit through. Here are three of the best moments from otherwise bad films.
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