The YOGTZE Case: The Unexplained Death Of Günther Stoll

The YOGTZE Case: The Unexplained Death Of Günther Stoll

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The YOGTZE Case: The Unexplained Death Of Günther Stoll

Günther Stoll rushes out of his house after writing YOGTZE on a piece of paper. He is found dead 3 hours later leaving no answers behind.

Günther Stoll quickly hurries out of his house after writing YOGTZE on a piece of paper. He is found dead 3 hours later.

Günther Stoll was an unemployed food engineer from Anzhausen, Germany. Prior to his death in 1984, Stoll had been suffering from a mild case of paranoia. He would often speak to his wife about “them”. Although he would never say who “they” are, he would imply that the unknown persons meant to do him harm. 

On October 25th, 1984 Günther Stoll was sitting at home with his wife. 


At about 11pm Stoll jumps up and exclaims “Jetzt geht mir ein Licht auf” or “Now I’ve got it!”. He hurries over to a pad of paper and writes down “YOGTZE” before crossing the word out. Stoll than leaves his house and drives off in his Volkswagen Golf. 

Stoll is next seen at his favorite pub in Wilnsdorf later that night. He orders a beer but before taking a sip, he suddenly falls off his chair and injures his face. Witnesses at the pub claim that Stoll was not drunk at the time. Günther Stoll leaves the pub with his beer untouched and leaves immediately. He drives until he reaches the town of Haigerseelbach, where he grew up. 

At just past 1am Stoll knocks on the door of former neighbor of his. The elderly woman was known for her religiosity and he was eager to come in and have a talk with her. According to her he was talking about “horrible incidents which will take place tonight”. Unfortunately for Stoll, the woman, concerned by his appearance at 1am and by his overall ramblings, declined his request to enter her home. 

Two hours later, at 3 am two truck driver find Stoll’s damaged car in the roadside ditch.


Both witnessed that they saw four men, in bright clothes, walking around the wreck. The two truck drivers used an emergency telephone to call for help before investigating the wreck. Upon doing so, they found Günther Stoll, naked and conscious but heavy injured from the crash. Stoll claimed that there had been other men in the car with him prior to the crash but they had abandoned him. He wish picked up by an ambulance but sadly passed away before he could reach the hospital. 

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Upon investigation, authorities discovered that Stoll had been injured in a different accident than the one he was found at.

His wounds were consistent with those of someone who had been run over. Consequently, it would seem as though Stoll had been injured prior to being placed in his car and left on the side of the road. However, no one has ever been able to decipher what “YOGTZE” meant or how Stoll ended up where he did. 

Many theories point towards Günther Stoll being in poor mental health and suffering a breakdown. However, as some point out, it is entirely possible for someones paranoia to be completely valid. Although others suggest a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts wherein someone goes around saying that something terrible will happen only to cause something terrible to happen. To this day the attorney general says that the YOGTZE case file is pulled every year as curious investigators still work to uncover the meaning behind Günther Stoll’s cryptic final message. 

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